Android Game Download: Alto’s Adventure

Dodo HackAlto’s adventure is one of the best game in runner category. This game is very addicted. Developed by Snowman developer. this game is launched in February 19th, 2015. This game is being in action genre and sports genre. This android game download size is 61,1 Mb. It doesn’t really big for the great game like this. So you just have a little space to install this game.

Great Android Game Download

For the very first time, you’re into the Alto’s adventure game, you’ll show a short film about Alto. A shepherd whose chasing his animal livestock. With a ski board then Alto’s adventure begins. From the uphill you will slide down that looks like Alpen. The view of the snow mountain and the trees are really enjoyable for your eyes. What makes it special is the weather are changing, sometimes it sunny, rainy, and even snowy. Their changes from day to night are very smooth and feels so natural. The thrilling atmosphere is when in the night and its raining so hard. There is also lightning strike to your characters. It’s a thrilling scene so far. For the music background, this game is really suitable for the running scene. The music is really good if you are using an earphone to hear. It’s a great android game download.

Overall, this game is a worth android game download. After you tried for the first time you won’t stop to play this game. The scenery, every scene, the music background and the game itself is blended well. It’s an addictive game that could make you forget your work. After start to playing this game, you must be the unproductive human being. It’s good for killing your time whenever you had a spare time if it is too hard there are game cheats to skip some level.

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