Health Care Duty

Health careHealthcare is the place where sick people being healed and if you want to see your friend, which is being hospitalized in here. Healthcare is the place where health professionals gather and try to make sick people become healthy and the healthy people can maintain their health condition far from the disease. The care of the health in this place not only cover anyone who is sick but also this place can be used as a place to diagnose someone, to check psychological condition, and the place where the nurse, doctors, dentist, midwife, and people related to the health are work here.

Furthermore, health care has a duty to make people become healthy. If there are sick people who come to the health care, the sick people will enlist in the health care with the help from health care staff. By that, the sick people will be a patient in the healthcare. After that, the nurse will check the condition of the patient such as check the blood rate, also some information of the patient related to the administration. The doctor is checking the next, the patient.

The doctor must carefully check the patient and say to them about the illness. The doctor will diagnose the illness and after that, the doctor will write the prescription for the patient. The doctor also has a duty to give the information about the illness and the way the patient should take care of himself or herself so the ill not get worse. There is also something that the patient should be avoided to prevent the ill come repeatedly and attack the health of the patient. The doctor also must offer to the patient if the patient wants to be hospitalized in the health care or not. However, if the doctor sees patient’s condition is worse, the doctor must force the patient to stay in the health care. The doctor with the help of the nurse and the help from the other health professionals does these actions.

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