HIV/AIDS, Realize Before Late

Health lifeAccording to some research in the US and Europe, in the last year, there are more than 1 billion people died because of infected by HIV and AIDS. Half of them are around 13-25 years old. Which is most of the people whose infected by HIV and AIDS are mostly teenagers.

The two reasons that mostly being the cause of the HIV and AIDS disseminating are because of free sex and drugs. Teenagers are the most dangerous stage of life that could determine someone’s life. In teenagers, the curiosity and freedom are the most important things in teenager’s life. That’s why many people that uncontrolled by their parents fall into the black life of the death life. To avoid the death because of HIV and AIDS there are so many campaigns about this issue. Some of the campaigns are too aware of the indication of infected by HIV and AIDS.

The first symptom if you are infected are hard fever and cold in a long time between one week until one month. Besides fever and cold, you will easily get tired which will make you won’t doing anything and just sleep or lay in your bed. The third indication is that you will sweat a lot in the night even though you are not doing anything. Even if you are in the cold weather you will get sweat a lot. After that, your nails will be curved inside and changing colors into black to blue. This is the indication that rarely realized by other people. Those whose get infected also will get skin eruption that looks like red dots or pink dots in their skin that cannot be healed even if using the medicines. And the last indication is people whose get infected will lose their weight drastically.

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